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Body Contouring Q & A

Body Contouring FAQ

Laser Lipo

  • Laser energy used to liquify body fat cells
  • 30 min treatment
  • Results are permanent aslong as your maintaining
  • Treatments can be done every 3 days
  • 6-12 sessions recommended
  • First 4 every 3 days and after once a week, and then as needed for maintenance


Ultrasonic Cavitation

  • Ultrasound waves used to liquify fat cells
  • 30 min treatment
  • Results are permanent and aslong as your maintaining
  • Treatments can be done every 3 days
  • 6-12 sessions recommend,
  • First 4 every 3 days and after once a week, and then as needed for maintenance.


Body Radio Frequency

  • Skin tightening treatment, Helps with stretch marks, and firming
  • 30 min treatment
  • 4-8 sessions recommended
  • Every 3 days, as much as needed for desired results. (Doesn’t have a specific plan, it depends on how loose the clients skin is)


Vacuum Therapy

  • Used to treat cellulite, improve blood circulation, and smooth stubborn fat.
  • 30 min treatment
  • 6-12 sessions recommended
  • Every 3 days, then switch to once a week or as much as needed


Non surgical Booty Lift

  • Uses two suction cups to promote blood circulation to the area. Givers a plumper/perkier butt.
  • Every 3 days
  • 60 min treatment
  • 6-12 sessions to achieve more permanent results


Wood Therapy

  • Wood tools used to shape and define the body.
  • 30 min treatment
  • 4-8 sessions, can be done as often as client would like but leaves body sore so also recommended for 3 day gaps in between.
  • (Used more so to prep the client, hardly used as an individual treatment, more of an add-on)


Radio Frequency Facial

  • Used to soften fine lines/wrinkles, reduces pores, firms skin, and also treats acne/acne scars.
  • 30 min treatment
  • 4-8 sessions
  • 3 days apart, and after once a week as needed


Pre/Post Treatment Instructions:

  • Avoid eating two hours before and after treatment sessions
  • Avoid heavy meals on the treatment days
  • Drink plenty of water to facilitate lymphatic drainage
  • Limit carbonated drinks, coffee, and tea during treatment period
  • Avoid fasting or the body will go into “starvation mode” and become more resistant to the release of stored fat
  • Within the two hours following a treatment, the client should perform 30-45 minutes of cardio-vascular work-out in order to create the energy demand that will facilitate metabolism of the fatty acids and glycerol freed from the fat cells
  • Consider contraindications or other medical issues that may impact the results of this “one off” treatment. Some medical disorders that may reduce first treatment response include thyroid, immune, lymphatic related conditions, pre-menopause, menopause, diabetes, and infection (including viral)


Possible Side Effects:

  • Diarrhea: when fat is successfully broken down, it must exit the body as stool. You may or may not notice an increase in bowel movements. Typically, diarrhea is mild and lasts no longer than 36 hours.
  • Increased urination: loss of water from your tissues is normal following procedures and is a good sign that you are removing fat from your body. Fat enters the blood from the lymphatic system, increasing the “thickness” of the blood (oncotic pressure), and pulling water from tissues to carry the fat to the bowel for removal.
  • Flu-like symptoms: this is rare but can occur due to toxins in the fat being removed via the lymphatic system, causing congestion. Congested lymph pathways can lead to aches, pains, water retention, soreness, and flu-like symptoms. To combat this, lymph node stimulators and a whole-body vibration plate session are used during the treatment to increase lymphatic drainage.
  • Increased Hunger: this is the body’s attempt at returning to normal by re-accumulating fat. Do not increase food consumption! Follow a low carb, high protein, high fiber diet to combat hunger pains


  • Laser Lipo - 30 minute session - $100
  • Lipo Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment - 30 minute session - $100
  • Body Radio Frequency - 30 minute session - $100
  • Vacuum Contouring Therapy - 30 minute session - $100
  • Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) - 60 minute session - $125
  • Wood Therapy - 20 minute session - $125
  • Radio Frequency Facial - 30 minute session - $100

Body Contouring Before & After

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