Compared to just a couple of decades ago, the options available for patients looking into cosmetic procedures are not only robust but they are diverse. At the Image Center we take that to heart by offering a variety of procedures across multiple parts of the body.  Areas of the body we perform procedures for include:


We offer a number of procedures designed to enhance or improve upon the faces of our patients. Everything from a standard rhinoplasty (nose job) and facelift to a chin augmentation or chin liposuction are offered at the Image Center. Make your best first impression with our staff today.


The eyes are the window to the soul and deserve to look their best too. At the Image Center, we offer procedures designed to improve the appearance of your eyes while giving them a rejuvenated appearance.


For one reason or another, many women are often unsatisfied with their breasts. Each woman is different, which is why we offer a comprehensive set of procedures designed to address every need our patients have from a standard breast augmentation to a nipple/areola reduction. Shape the body you want with the team at the Image Center.


Inevitably, the body goes through changes throughout a person’s entire life. As adults, those changes can often take the shape of excess body fat development, loss of skin elasticity, and other normal signs of aging. At the Image Center, we work to restore a firmer more youthful you through different procedures such as liposuction, arm lift, and more. Reclaim your appearance with the Image Center.


Not everyone is ready for a procedure as invasive as surgery but they still want to make changes to their appearance for one reason or another. Fortunately, with the advances in aesthetic medicine that’s now a realistic option for patients. We offer comprehensive procedures at our Medical Spas through cosmetic injectables, laser, or skin care to remove classic signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, loss volume, and other concerns. While not as permanent as surgery, the results can easily be maintained through regular maintenance treatments.

The Image Center has been in the industry for decades and combine tried and true treatments with innovative treatments to help their patients find their best selves. Our patients come in with hopes and desires and leave completely satisfied with their new appearance. That can be you as soon as you’re ready.

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