▪ All of our patients must be over 18 years old or come in with a parent or a legal guardian, not allergic to lidocaine, and are not pregnant or breast-feeding.

▪ We ask that you please wait 2 weeks before getting dermal fillers if you have had any laser therapy, chemical peeling, or microdermabrasion, and vice versa.

▪ First-time patients will be contacted by one of our midlevel practitioners to perform a good-faith exam to ensure the services you’ve requested are best suited for you. Please notify us at this time if you have any medical conditions that may require medical clearance for treatment if you are taking certain medications, blood thinners, muscle relaxant, allergy or cold medication, sleep medication, or recently received an antibiotic by injection in the last 7 to 10 days.

Each and every client will be asked to fill out a consult/consent forms related to their requested procedure, Covid-19, and a patient/doctor arbitration. These are required in order for us to provide service to you. Thank you for understanding.

Your health and safety are paramount to us! Please be advised of our updated policies. If you are not feeling well, we ask that you reschedule your appointment. Please do so as soon as possible and our team will reschedule you as soon as you are feeling better.

We ask that if you have any of the following symptoms that you reschedule your appointment and stay home to ensure the safety of yourself, our staff, and other clients:

  •  fever within the last 24 hours.
  •  a cold, flu, stomach virus.
  •  Cold-like symptoms such as cough, runny nose, loss of taste/smell.
  •  if you have recently traveled via airlines/cruise out of the US.
  •  if you have recently been exposed to or tested positive for Covid-19.

Upon arrival, we ask all of our clients to please wear a mask while in our office, have your temperature checked with a no-contact thermometer, and participate in a very brief covid screening. We are enforcing social distancing in all waiting areas and ask that you please come to your appointment alone. Friends and family will not be able to join you in the room and if the lobby is full, they may be asked to wait downstairs. We are closely monitoring and following all cleanliness and sanitation protocols as set forth by the CDC, CDHP, and other local authorities. We have heightened our sanitizing and cleaning procedures at our office. We routinely sanitize common areas, treatment rooms, and the frequently touched surfaces including but not limited to doorknobs/ credit card machines/ iPads/counters/ patient beds/ equipment.

Team Members:

● Take their temperature immediately upon arrival, answer our Employee Health Screening Questionnaire, and log it.

● We also provide PPE for our team members to protect ourselves and our patients.

As stated in the document we ask that patients and employees alike do not come into our office if:

● They have experienced any COVID like symptoms

● Had recent exposure/tested positive

● Tested and are waiting for results

We will honor any current promotions/specials that are active when they had their original appointment scheduled so they will not miss out on anything! We just ask that they take into consideration their safety and that of others.

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