Voluma is a dermal filler under the Juvederm family. Unlike the other fillers in the Juvederm family, Voluma is meant to restore lost volume in the mid-face and jawline. Most patients choose Voluma to compensate for facial fat loss, which occurs, as we get older. Voluma is able to add much more volume due to its thicker consistency compared to other fillers.

Voluma is delivered by way of injection in the mid-face area and the jawline depending on the desired goals of the patient. Just like the other fillers under Juvederm, Voluma uses a hyaluronic acid base to deliver natural looking results. Plus, Voluma comes pre-mixed with lidocaine to provide numbing assistance due to the deeper injection. Patients should expect minor bruising and swelling after treatment. This will fade after a couple of days.

It takes care and expertise to inject Voluma into the patient’s face in a manner that is safe and also accomplishes noticeable and natural looking results. That’s why you need to work with a practitioner that is qualified and experienced with the use of Voluma to give yourself the best possible results. Achieving your aesthetic goals requires consistent communication with the practitioner. Make sure to check out the before and after gallery to see what to expect from your Voluma injection.

Voluma is noted for its long-lasting results. In fact, it is designed to last up to 2 years making it last longer than any other dermal filler by far. In addition, it is currently the only filler FDA approved to volumize the mid-face. Keep in mind that everyone experiences facial aging at different rates and will have different goals. You can optimize the results by following the protocol established by your chosen practitioner. A fuller and more youthful face is in your grasp with Voluma.

Individual results may vary.

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