Breast Reduction


Breast Reduction

For some women, their breasts are too large to be comfortable. This discomfort reveals itself with back pain, neck pain, skin irritation, numbness, and other symptoms. In these circumstances, an easy solution is a procedure known as a breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty. Excess skin, fat, and glandular tissues are all removed during the breast reduction.

Scarring is a common effect with this procedure and can be extensive depending on how much tissue needs to be removed. Incisions are made around the areola and may run down the breasts. In some cases, fat removal can be accomplished with liposuction. Once the excess tissue is removed, the remaining breast tissue is repositioned and shaped to fit its new proportions. Upon completion, the incision is closed up with sutures.

The main goal is to reduce overall breast volume without sacrificing breast or nipple sensation. Some women may also be concerned with milk production if they plan to have children. That’s why it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon that is qualified and experienced with the breast reduction procedure.

Be sure to discuss the procedure, results you want, and how feasible they are before scheduling the procedure. In addition, you may want to consult the before and after gallery to get an idea of the kind of results you can expect with your breast reduction.

You should expect to need to heal for 4-6 weeks after the procedure. Be sure to follow the post-surgery treatment plan to ensure that there are no negative health effects and to optimize your results. Everyone responds differently to the healing process. In addition, each patient has a different starting point and will need different levels of correction as a result.

Individual results may vary. Consult with your plastic surgeon if you have any concerns with your results.

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